KP Industries

KP Industries is knowledge & performance to Roller Conveyors

KP Industries roller conveyors are found throughput industry, moving light and heavy unit loads through factories and warehouses. Heavy duty, chain driven units working with pallets up to 2000Kg or lighter lineshaft or low voltage drive shaft systems handling boxes, totes, parcels etc are all available, as well as gravity systems. Heavy duty systems running up to 20m/min with lighter systems running up to 60m/min are standard. Accumulation and/or indexing of product can be easily achieved, with product zoning for zero pressure. Bends, transfers, gate sections and turntables are all part of our standard offering.

KP Industries are specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke automated Roller Conveyors.

The implementation of a project starts with a visit from one of our engineers to capture the key requirements of the project, gathering data such as throughput, product sizes, weights and process requirements. Our team will then produce a concept design and specification which will be reviewed with the client to ensure the proposed equipment is fit for purpose and meets all the key requirements to a cost effective budget.

Once the Roller Conveyor concept is agreed, and following confirmation of contract award, the concept design is progressed by the engineering team with the use of the latest 3D Computer Aided Design and structural calculation software.

In parallel, our control system engineers will develop the control system using EPlan P8 design software. As well as pre-commission of the PLC software and development of the HMI control screens.

Once issued to manufacture, our highly skilled workshop staff will begin the process by fabricating the key structural elements, before assembling the system ready for internal testing.

Throughout the project, our project management team will be orchestrating the huge number of supplier, staff and sub-contractors that are required to bring a complex Roller Conveyors to life.

Following Factory Acceptance Testing and customer by-off, the Roller Conveyor is dismantled and shipped to the client’s site, ready for final installation and commissioning.

All equipment is thoroughly tested and certified by our LEEA accredited engineers to provide the customer with the necessary safety and regulatory certifications required.