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KP Industries is knowledge & performance to Overhead Conveyors

Overhead conveyors offer a host of advantages for the conveying of goods or components around a factory or warehouse. Fundamentally the system consists of a track in which sit trolleys from which loads can be suspended. The loads can be either independent from one another and unpowered, or they can be joined by a continuous chain, powered by a caterpillar drive. The small section of the system and ability to be powered with only one drive make this solution compact and efficient. Easily expanded and reconfigured with new bends, inclines, switch points etc, according to the growth in the requirement, this makes it ideal where expansion is anticipated.

Overhead conveyor systems can accommodate vertical as well as horizontal changes in direction (bi-planar) and when combined with a second-carrier only track in a Power and Free system, they provide a highly flexible solution. The enclosed nature of the C track and Cruciform systems and the high level location combine to reduce the risk from inadvertent contact.

Ideally suited to use in hazardous environments, the KP Industries overhead conveyor system is rated for temperatures up to 250C. Chain wear can be monitored via inspection sections and mitigated by the inclusion of automatic lubrication systems. The type, weight and dimensions of the load can vary enormously and KP Industries can supply a wide variety of jigs or pendants which may incorporate the facility to rotate the load via a cam or spinner. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and design a system to suit if required.